Why join the Community Coalition?
The Community Coalition provides information from many different organizations within Melrose including both their Affiliate and Independent Members and other community members who are designated by the Board to attend the meeting.

What non-profit designation does the Community Coalition hold?

What is the benefit of membership?
An Affiliate Member, approved by the Board, is able to become a non-profit as designated by the Dept. of Internal Revenue.  They may use this non-profit status for their organization thus eliminating the necessary filing fees.  In addition, all members are benefited by information interchange by all the member of the organization.

What is the focus of the organization?
The focus of the Community Coalition is to maintain partnerships among family, school and community agencies, businesses, organizations and institutions dedicated to promoting the general safety, health and quality of life of the citizens of Melrose, Massachusetts.  It provides informational and educational programs, seminars, and forums which promote the healthy development of the Melrose Community.  It defines the broad term “Community” as our youth, parents, seniors, businesses, city government, religious groups, charitable groups, fraternal groups, social and health services, arts and cultural organizations. It conducts assessments which serve to identify needs of the Melrose Community.  It publicly identifies critical issues relating to the well-being of the Community and facilitates a Community response. It provides Melrose-based, volunteer organizations an opportunity to become Affiliated Organizations of the Community Coalition of Melrose. This affiliation will allow these organizations to use the tax exempt structure of the Coalition to conduct their business.

How are members chosen?
Affiliate Members fill out an application which is then reviewed by the Board to ensure it meets the organizations goals and tax exempt status.

Is there a cost to being a member?
Affiliate Members pay annual dues of $450.  This fee pays for officers’ and directors’ insurance and bookkeeper and accounting fees for filing taxes for the 501(c)3.

What are our obligations?  Affiliate members must remain in good standing as a non-profit organization.  It must attend the bi-monthly Community Coalition Meetings.  It must present financial records for their organization to the bookkeeper for record keeping of accounts for tax filing purposes.  Affiliate members will have all their finances kept in a separate checking through the Community Coalition’s bank at no additional cost.

How often and where do they meet?
The Community Coalition of Melrose meets 4-6 times per year on the 3rd Tuesday of the even months.  Meetings are held at the MMTV studio at 131 Main Street in Melrose at 8:30 am.


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