The Community Coalition of Melrose was formed in 1999.  Its purpose is to build consensus and cooperation for improving the quality of life in the City of Melrose, Massachusetts.

The Coalition defines the broad term “Community” as our youth, parents, seniors, businesses, city government, religious groups, charitable groups, fraternal groups, social and health services, arts and cultural organizations.

The mission of the Community Coalition:

  • To maintain partnerships among family, school and community agencies, businesses, organizations and institutions dedicated to promoting the general safety, health and quality of life of the citizens of Melrose, Massachusetts
  • To provide informational and educational programs, seminars, and forums which promote the healthy development of the Melrose Community
  • To conduct assessments which serve to identify needs of the Melrose Community; and to publicly identify critical issues relating to the well-being of the Community and facilitate a Community response.
  • To provide Melrose-based, volunteer organizations an opportunity to become Affiliated Organizations of the Community Coalition of Melrose.  This affiliation will allow these organizations to use the tax exempt structure of the Coalition to conduct their business.

The coalition meets 4-6 times per year on the third Wednesday of the even months of the year, or at the discretion of the chair.  See our Meetings page.